The Hywind concept is a door opener for completely new renewable energy business opportunities, unlocking huge offshore areas for clean energy production. This is a direct result of Statoil's extensive offshore oil and gas experience." Siri Espedal Kindem Senior Vice President
Renewable Energy
hywind mill illustration
  • Turbine capacity
  • Hub height
    Approximately 80-100m above MSL
  • Rotor diameter
  • Operational Draft
  • Approx. top head mass (rotor+nacelle)
    350-400 tons

HYWIND® – Statoil’s floating wind turbine concept – is designed to capture wind energy offshore with minimal environmental impact. To make Hywind available in more markets and even more cost efficient, we would like to improve assembly and installation.

Through the Hywind installation challenge, we are looking inside and outside the energy sector for institutions and companies, large and small, with expertise, intellectual property or experience - that can contribute to make Hywind available in more markets around the world.

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In 2009, Statoil successfully installed the Hywind Demo, the world’s first full scale floating offshore wind demonstration unit.

With excellent production and well-suited for mass fabrication, the Hywind concept could reshape the future of offshore wind.

Now, we are working on establishing a pilot park in Scotland with five 6 MW turbines and making the installation of Hywind even easier - to enable more markets to reap the benefit of floating offshore wind.



What is HYWIND®?

Hywind is a floating wind turbine concept which includes a steel cylinder filled with a ballast of water and rocks. It extends 80-100 metres beneath the sea surface and is attached to the seabed by a three-point mooring spread.

It is constructed to support a wind turbine generator and withstand high winds and waves while producing electricity effectively. Its simple structure makes Hywind relatively light weight and very robust compared to other solutions.

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Innovate with Statoil

Do you have a proposal on how to improve the way we install Hywind?  Are you working on novel technologies that could optimise the Hywind installation concept? Do you want to play a distinctive role in shaping the future of offshore wind?


Join Statoil in realising the full potential in HYWIND®

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Offshore floating wind needs to be cost competitive To make Hywind a reality in greater numbers and more markets, we are working on standarising and improving fabrication and installation in a wide range of conditions.

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