Our innovation portal

Statoil has a solid track record of being an innovative energy company, but we are always looking for safer, better and smarter solutions. We believe in open innovation and that this portal can give us access to new valuable ideas, new insight and equally important; new, lasting relationships.

Welcome to the new Statoil Innovate.

In Statoil we define innovation as "creating something new, which is valuable and implemented". Very simple and straightforward. But as we all know, innovation is not easy or simple at all, the road from an early idea to something that is tested and verified is often a long and winding one, and requires hard work and substantial resources.

We believe in open innovation, and that this portal can give us access to ideas that might lead new and valuable solutions for us and the company/individual that has submitted the idea or proposal. We are constantly improving our process for handling the submitted ideas, based on experience and feedback. See the process below for more details.

From idea to reality, step by step

  1. Understand our business need Before submitting your idea, we ask you to read the brief for our current innovation challenge, or read our Business needs-section in order to understand what we are looking for.
  2. Give your insights For the challenges we post , your insight to how we can approach them might be very valuable for us and others engaging the same dialogue. This insight can be your knowledge, experience or solutions that can help solve our challenges together. Login through LinkedIn to participate.
  3. Submit your idea If you have an idea that fit our needs, we ask you to submit a description of your idea through this website, with the documentation and material needed to communicate it as efficiently as possible.
  4. Reviewing Once your proposal has been submitted, it will be verified and reviewed by our team. This process might take 4-6 weeks, or less - you will hear from us within this period.
  5. Evaluation If your idea is regarded as a candidate for further development, it will be a subject to an evaluation that might lead to a decision for co-development with Statoil.

Insight vs. ideas

The portal is integrated with LinkedIn, to make it possible to share idea and insight discussions with a wider audience, and at the same time, always maintain a professional and relevant context. You can test your ideas on fellow members in our Innovate with Statoil-group, before you submit your proposal - or engage with and help others. For this to work, you have to sign in with your LinkedIn account - if you don't have one today, sign up here.

Ideas vs. innovative solutions

We cover the whole innovation value chain. We have a range of tools, from how to incubate early phase ideas to how to partner with commercialized players with new approaches and solutions. See our innovation toolbox below.

Innovation toolbox


Statoil Technology Invest

We work closely with Statoil Technology Invest (STI), to ensure that we have the right competence and mechanics to evaluate ideas with different level of maturity, the right processes to handle them and the right financial instruments to develop what you submit to us.

It could be your idea or insight that leads to a major project - read the brief, join the insight discussion on LinkedIn - Innovate with Statoil!

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