Welcome to Statoil Innovate.

The innovation challenges posted in this website are connected to a real project organisation working side-by-side to the challenge campaign. This challenge team includes professionals dedicated to reviewing and exploring potential next steps for working with solvers to develop and implement solutions that improve our operations. In addition to the challenge owner, we work closely with colleagues across disciplines to secure a high-quality evaluation process and a smooth handover to relevant investment, development or implementation channels.

Take on the challenge!

Challenges are posted on a regular basis and typically run in campaigns for periods between 6 to 12 weeks. Although submissions are reviewed on an ongoing basis, short-listed submitters are notified at the end of the campaign. At this point, shortlisted solvers are extended an invitation to interact with the challenge team to go into more detail into their proposal and explore potential ways forward.

To keep up to date with upcoming challenge campaigns, join the LinkedIn Innovate with Statoil group to receive notifications.

What are the steps?

While the specifics within each step may vary according to the nature of the challenge, our active campaigns follow 5 main steps:

  1. Challenge description Take a look at the brief and support materials. Download the Statoil Innovate submission form to get a better understanding of the information we need to review your submission.
  2. Submission process Submit a description of your proposed solution through this website, with the documentation and material needed to communicate it as effectively as possible. ONLY include non-confidential materials.
  3. Review of submissions Submissions are reviewed by our team during the duration of the campaign.
  4. Shortlist evaluation A shortlist of the most promising submissions is contacted at the end of the campaign with an invitation to interact with our team for a more in-depth evaluation.
  5. Co-development Based on the outcome of the evaluations, finalists are contacted with an invitation for further collaboration with Statoil including proposed next steps towards further development, qualification or implementation, as relevant.

Previous campaigns

We are constantly looking for relevant solutions to our challenges, also after campaigns formally close. Review our previous campaigns and let us know if you are working on a technology or method that could be relevant to one of our challenges posted on Statoil Innovate.

Submit your proposal indicating the name of the relevant challenge as part of your submission. Submissions to previous campaigns will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Response times will vary.

Share the challenge

Share Statoil Innovate Challenges with others who might find them intriguing, might have an insight into the topic, or might be working on relevant solutions. To help share ideas and facilitate discussion with other solvers, the portal is integrated with LinkedIn.

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